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The Wearable Technology——Fiber Optic Clothing

The Wearable Technology——Fiber Optic Clothing
December 09 , 2022

Wearable technology or ‘Techno Fashion’ is taking the world by storm. Fashion designers have been incorporating technology into their shows for years. But it is only recently that wearable technology has become a more prominent part of the fashion world. Fiber fabric is a textile that can be illuminated by sensing a light source at one end of the fiber. Because it is made of optical fiber, it can act as a wave guide, or ‘light tube’, transmitting light across the surface between the ends of the fiber. We are now seeing technology embedded in out-of-control clothing. Although some of these high-tech creations seen on the catwalk are not yet applicable to ordinary consumer culture, they are not far off.

Bradley Quinn, in his book Techno Fashion, accurately summarizes the emergence of the blend of fashion and technology that emerged in the 1990s and early 2000s.

‘From digital clothing to remote-controlled fashion, Techno Fashion reveals the revolutionary interface between contemporary fashion and technology. Wearable cameras, wireless communicators, metal nodules and electronic embroidery may sound like the stuff of science fiction, but these devices are real enough to revolutionize the meaning and function of fashion. Right now, teams of chemists, physicists, fashion designers and engineers are busy creating the high-tech future of fashion.’ (Quinn, 2002)

Last year's London Fashion Week saw one of the latest, visually striking collaborations between technology and fashion. For his spring/Summer 2015 collection, Richard Nicoll teamed up with Disney to create a glamorous ‘Jellyfish dress’ inspired by Tinkerbelle. The dress was created in collaboration with tech company STUDIO XO. Made of fiber optic fabric and activated by high-intensity leds custom-built into the garment.

This glamorous, flowing fiber optic fabric dress sprinkled fairy dust on models as they walked down the runway. The real beauty of the dress's technology is how it fits together seamlessly. The beauty and delicate sparkle of this garment makes this garment still a designer's craft, integrated into the garment, not just visually visible technology. The designer infused many elements into each of his otherworldly pieces without detracting from the result or making it over the top. It's easy to get lost in the show by watching videos.

Richard Nicoll's design begs the question of whether we will see more of this fibre-optic fashion on the shelves in the near future. The answer is yes! A quick Internet search for ‘fiber optic clothing’ reveals that there are already manufacturers selling them online. Nanjing Giant is a fiber optic clothing wholesale company, customers can buy glowing face mask, handbag, shoulder bag, dress, Christmas Hat, baseball cap and etc from our company.

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