LED Projectors

LED LOGO light can project colorful image on the ground or wall. Nanjing Giant provide the best quality LOGO projector which can project very clear and sharp image you have ever seen.

In order to project colorful image and keep the color in a ling time, Nanjing Giant use glass lens instead of film in the light. Compare with film, glass lens don’t fade any more and can provide more vivid color. No matter how many color and how complex the pattern are, Nanjing Giant glass lens all can show it vividly. The glass lens is changeable as well. That means instead of buying a new logo light, you will just need to order a new glass lens, if you want to change a new logo.

The size of image projected from logo light is based on the projection distance. For regular size, pattern size and projection distance rate is 1:4. That means if projection distance is 1 meter, you can get a 1meter dia pattern on the ground. Beside, in order to fit of more different situation, we can provide projector with different focus as well. The rate can be customized from 1:10 to 1:1.

Nanjing Giant LOGO projector can be used in outdoor as well. We provide IP63 waterproof model that can proof rain very well. All the model also can be made into 12V or 24V DC.

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