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Beautiful light show! Luzhou added an internet-famous site!
Oct 15, 2022

From October 1 to 31, a one-month creative and dazzling light show will be staged in the China Wine Street of Luzhou Yangtze River Wetland Park. Professional design team is invited to spend a huge sum of money to create a light feast only for visitors.

The light shows is made up of several parts, such as Phantom Forest / Light and Shadow Show, Infinite Starry Sky / Light and Shadow Show, Fiber Optic Light Array / Light and Shadow Show, Jinghua Palace / Interactive Experience and etc. The most notable of these is the Fiber Optic Hanging Light Dropping Lamp, visitor can touch and feel the charming fiber optics. Countless optical fibers hang down naturally, and thousands of trees hang down with green silk sashes, creating a dreamlike feeling. The moment when the light and shadow flicker, is like the vast universe descending into the world, the sky is full of stars and it is absolutely wonderful.

This Light show has a very large volume and rich experience content. The total number of light and shadow works, music performances and various speech activities of the Light show more than 10. Both men and women, young and old, can enjoy the beautiful night view and experience different viewing pleasures.

For more information, you can click the following products:

Fiber Optic Hanging Light Dropping Lamp

LED Fiber Optic Waterfall Curtain Light

Fiber Optic Ball Lights Ground Mounted Lights

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